Do you want to become part of the team?

CloudUnit has specialized in delivering end-to-end Cloud solutions for the enterprise and public sector, across Denmark and Scandinavia.

To engage in our specialist teams and support the expansion of Public Cloud, we are constantly looking for talented people with a profound passion for Cloud.

We are proud of having the best Cloud consultants in Denmark – are you a match?

You get

  • Competitive salary and pension
  • Continuous education and certification
  • High degree of professional cooperation
  • Work with a diverse set of customers and projects

We expect you to

  • Have a minimum of 5 years relevant IT experience
  • Have excellent communication skills, and the ability to convey complex IT in an easy to understand manner
  • Be motivated by learning new technologies and engaging with other professionals

Selected benefits

   We continuously improve each others skills via knowledge sharing

   We are always available for professional advice and cooperation

   We supply you with the best equipment and service it for you

   We evolve your professional profile, capacity and experience

   We supply you with the latest knowledge about Cloud technologies

Are you our new colleague?

If you find this interesting or if you want to learn more about working as a consultant in CloudUnit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.