Who are we?

We are a strong team of specialists who live and breathe for anything Cloud related. Our expertise spans from implementation and tech, over architecture and transformation, to agile frameworks and DevOps. We are experts in our field and have participated in some of Denmarks largest Cloud projects.

Our foundation is built upon profiles with a vast experience in classic IT-operations and a keen eye on the business. This enables us to help you deliver expert advice as well as ensuring a firm establishment of Cloud in your organization.

This foundation also enables us to assist in bridging the gap between your existing IT-operations and the new reality in Cloud. Transitioning from working with a user interface on a server to developing the entire platform as code, is a radical change for any organization – especially as this is often combined with the introduction of an agile approach to planning and execution.

We are Cloud Architects and Engineers, we are Developers and Scrum Masters, we are Subject Matter Experts and Teams Leads, we are a part of your team as well as your trusted advisors, ensuring that your Cloud project becomes a success.

Typical customer cases

      From ITIL to DevOps and Agile

      Governance and processes in Cloud

      Improvement of time-to-market

      Licensing and purchasing

      Education and tooling

      End-to-end Cloud Solution Architecture

      Standardization and optimization

      Security and Compliance

      Bridging the gap between classic IT and Cloud

      Migration, implementation and development

      Guidance and advisory

Søren Hartvig Jensen

CEO & Enterprise Cloud Architect

Jan Ulnits

Partner & Consultant

Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen

Cloud Engineer

Kenneth Heine Sølberg

Cloud Architect

Daniel Vistisen

Cloud Architect